Welcome to the Gregory at Harlaxton.The Gregory at Harlaxton has been serving local residents since the nineteenth century.

Although the professions of the villagers have undoubtedly changed over the centuries, the friendly atmosphere and the fact that it is a perfect place to unwind after a hard day, have not. In times when the Gregory family owned most of Harlaxton and the surrounding area, this is exactly what those workers from the Harlaxton estate did.

Upset by seeing his workers drinking outside the pub while he walked home from church, the squire relocated the pub, from where is now Wyggeston Farm, to its current location - The Drift, and served the landlord with only a six-day licence. Although this may seem harsh, the squire was aware he would be costing the landlord of The Gregory money so granted him sole responsibility for supplying coal to the village and, of course, Harlaxton Manor.

The new location was perfect for the coal deliveries, which would arrive by canal boat from Nottingham and Derby, delivered to the wharf at the bottom of The Drift, then brought by horse and cart to the pub.According to the local history a weighbridge was installed at the pub and was recently uncovered during renovation of the bedrooms. Disappointingly you will no longer find the The Gregory selling coal. The only black stuff on offer today is Guinness!

Each of our bedrooms is named after a figure prominent in the history of Harlaxton Manor.  You can see the Manor from some of the bedroom windows.  It is now owned by the University of Evansville, a college in the USA and used as it’s British campus.We hope you enjoy your stay with us!







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